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Bonafè presents ambitious amendments of the revised EU waste legislation

Earlier this month (June 2016), MEP Simona Bonafè, Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, published her reports on the revised EU waste legislation and called for more ambitious waste prevention and resource efficiency targets than presented in the Commission’s initial EU Circular Economy Package. European Bioplastics (EUBP) welcomes the draft reports that [...]

27 June 2016|

Biodegradable plastics were never designed to be a solution to marine litter

By Karen Laird, Sustainability Editor at PlasticsToday.com Karen Laird, European/Sustainability Editor, PlasticsToday A report from the United Nations Environment Program, or UNEP, entitled Marine Plastic Debris And Microplastic - Global lessons and research to inspire action and guide policy change recently caused quite a stir in the media – for all the wrong [...]

27 June 2016|

NatureWorks opens lab to turn methane into PLA

NatureWorks has opened a new 8,300 square-foot laboratory worth $1 million at the company’s headquarters in Minnesota, USA, to commercialise the fermentation process for transforming methane into lactic acid, the building block of Ingeo PLA. NatureWorks CEO Marc Verbruggen at the Minnetonka Fermentation Lab Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (c) NatureWorks The research project [...]

27 June 2016|

New Plastics Economy initiative launched by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a global thought leader committed to the vision of a circular economy, launched the ‘New Plastics Economy’ initiative, bringing together 40 leading companies and cities to take on the challenge of the transformation towards a global plastics system that applies the principles of the circular economy. The initiative is led [...]

22 June 2016|

Member portrait: Meredian Holdings Group (MHG)

In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present 5 facts about a member of European Bioplastics. In this issue, John Moore, Vice President Business Development at MHG (Meredian Holdings Group) shares some information about the US-based producer of biopolymers. John Moore, Vice President Business Development, MHG 5 facts about MHG (Meredian [...]

22 June 2016|

New products and innovations

100% bio-based and biodegradable microbeads for cosmetics developed by Bio-on Bio-On S.p.A., an Italian developer of bio-fermentation technologies for biodegradable materials and industrial applications, has developed a new formulation, called Minerv PHA Bio Cosmetics (type C1), that is designed to make 100% bio-based and biodegradable microbeads suitable for the cosmetics industry. The plastic micro [...]

22 June 2016|

In brief – June 2016

Reverdia and Wageningen UR Launch Development of Durable Bio-PBS Compounds: Reverdia and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research launched a joint development programme on bio-based PBS (polybutylene succinate) compounds for injection moulding. The new bio-PBS compounds will be durable and based on Biosuccinium™. The final compounds are expected to have an improved carbon footprint in [...]

22 June 2016|

EUBP welcomes EP report on revised waste legislation

EU Parliament report on revised waste legislation emphasises the role of bioplastics in the transition to a circular economy Press Release Berlin, 8 June 2016 – European Bioplastics (EUBP), the association representing the bioplastics industry in Europe, welcomes the draft reports on the revised EU waste legislation by MEP Simona Bonafè, Rapporteur of the [...]

8 June 2016|

UNEP Report on Marine Plastic Debris and Microplastics

EUBP stresses importance of improving waste management on land to solve the problem of marine litter Press Statement Berlin, 6 June 2016 – In a recent report on ‘marine plastic debris and microplastics’ published earlier last month, the UNEP describes the sources and effects of plastics and microplastics in the oceans and outlines potential [...]

6 June 2016|

Redesign of our website

Dear subscribers of the Bioplastics Bulletin, You might have noticed the new design of our website, including our bimonthly newsletter, the Bioplastics Bulletin, which now comes in the form of a blog. The new website can be reached at the URL www.european-bioplastics.org. Due to a third party attack a few weeks ago, our website [...]

15 March 2016|