Supply is well ensured to meet the growing demand in the short and medium term. However, it is difficult to make long-term forecasts due to the dynamic and innovative nature of the bioplastic market. A reliable legislative framework in the EU would be beneficial to further attract investment and ensure supply in the long run.

In recent years, numerous joint ventures have been established and planned investments in bioplastic production capacities have been made. Initial facilities producing various types of bioplastics are operating in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Additional facilities and biorefineries are currently being set up or already started to operate in different regions from Italy to Thailand to produce bioplastics, including starch compounds, PLA, bio-based PBS, bio-based PE, bio-based PET, or PEF. These investments and scale-ups are reflected in European Bioplastics’ market data, which show growth in capacity from 2.11 million tons in 2020 to roughly 2.87 million tons in 2025.

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