Europe 2020

To realise the full market potential of green products and technologies like bioplastics, additional efforts are needed. This is why the European Commission initiated the “Europe 2020” strategy, which calls for the support of sustainable and innovative economic development.

Under the umbrella of “Europe 2020”, several strategies have been developed by the EU that play a pivotal role establishing bioplastics as significant driver for more sustainable economic development. The EU Commission determined bio-based products to be of high societal and economic interest and identified bioplastics as a main driver.

Some benefits of biobased products as identified during the Lead Market Initiative for biobased products:

  • Use of renewable and expandable resources
  • Less dependency on limited and increasingly expensive fossil resources
  • The potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • The potential for sustainable industrial production
  • Potentially better recovery and recycling options
  • Often low toxicity
  • Often high biodegradability or compostability
  • Less resource-intensive production (water, energy, waste)
  • Potentially improved population health
  • Support of rural development
  • Increased industrial competitiveness through innovative eco-efficient biobased products

These advantages, however, can only be realised with full political support.

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