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September 2019

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We are pleased to share the September issue of the European Bioplastics Bulletin with you, containing the latest news and insights from the bioplastics industry. If you have any questions, comments, or interesting news or topics to share, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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EUBP proposes criteria and product examples for preferable use of compostable plastics

  EUBP proposes criteria and product examples for preferable use of compostable plastics

The European Commission launched an initiative regarding a study on the ‘Relevance of biodegradable and compostable plastics in a circular economy'. European Bioplastics welcomes the initiative, as scepticism amongst stakeholders towards the relevance of biodegradable certified compostable plastics usually stems from a vague notion...


Event with MEP Bogovič underlines importance of bioplastics to achieve a circular economy

  Event with MEP Bogovič underlines importance of bioplastics to achieve a circular economy

On 24 September, European Bioplastics, together with MEP Franc Bogovič (EPP, Slovenia), held a working breakfast in the European Parliament on the role of bio-based feedstock and biodegradability in a circular plastics economy. The importance of the issue was clearly evident, based on the great number of participants and the diverse range of stakeholders, including industry representatives, policy makers and NGOs...


FEAD position ignores role of compostable plastics in achieving circular economy

With a press release EUBP responded to the latest FEAD (European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services) position paper “Biodegradable and Bio-Based Plastics”, which displays an incomplete perception on how a circular economy can be achieved. Unfortunately, in its paper, the association exclusively focuses on mechanical recycling while at the same time refusing biodegradable plastic solutions. In its press release, EUBP responded to some of the most serious misconceptions included in FEAD’s position.


Nova-Institute published open letter to JRC on comparability of bio-based and petrochemical polymers

There are published standards for life cycle assessments (LCA) that provide guidance on how to compare different polymers fairly with regard to their environmental impacts. However, the rules still leave sufficient room for manoeuvre to specify the methods by which such comparisons are to be carried out.

14th European Bioplastics Conference 3/4 December 2019 - Sneak Preview of confirmed speakers

Over the years, the European Bioplastics Conference has evolved into the leading business and discussion forum for the bioplastics sector in Europe and worldwide. Besides exciting panel discussions and individual presentations by industry experts, the conference offers unique promotion opportunities for your company or organization.

We are happy to announce our first confirmed keynote speakers...

This year’s Biotech Week 2019 sets new record

  This year’s Biotech Week 2019 sets new record
Already in its 7th edition, the annual European Biotech Week celebrates biotechnology, an innovative and vibrant sector launched by the discovery of the DNA molecule back in 1953. With over 140 events taking place all over Europe during 23 and 29 September, this year’s event set a new record...

Member portrait: Indochine Bio Plastiques (ICBP)

  Member portrait: Indochine Bio Plastiques (ICBP)
In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present five facts about a member of European Bioplastics. This month, Mr Amir Bin Abul Hasan Ashari, Managing Director at Indochine Bio Plastiques, shares some information on the company...

News in brief: August/September 2019

  1. German Packaging Act: minimum standards for assessment of recycling capability lack promotion of bioplastic
  2. Thailand targets top spot in bioplastics
  3. UK Government commits £80 million to war on single-use plastics

Bioplastics Business Breakfast 2019

K'2019, the World's biggest trade show on plastics and rubber is coming closer. And certainly bioplastics will again play an important role at this mega-event. That is why we are organizing now, for the fourth time, the Bioplastics Business Breakfasts (B³) during 17 until 20 October 2019 in the Congress Center on the fairgrounds of Messe Düsseldorf (CCD Ost). The four individual "mini"-conferences will be held on each of the four days from 8:00 am to 12:30 am and will issue to following topics: Bioplastics in Packaging (17 October), PLA, an innovative Bioplastic (18 October), Bioplastics in Durable Applications (19 October), PHA, opportunities and challenges (20 October)


RSB's 2019 Annual Meeting

RSB's 2019 Annual Meeting, sponsored by Agrisoma, Airbus, and UPM Biofuels, is invaluable for anyone looking to unlock tools and strategies to advance the  bioeconomy and embed real sustainability in every layer of their operations. With a focus on unlocking big ideas and learning from industry leaders, we will drill down into the practical ways in which we can advance the sustainable bioeconomy together.



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RSB’s Annual Meeting


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