Sustainable sourcing of feedstock is a prerequisite for more sustainable products.

That is why European Bioplastics supports:

  1. the general sparing use of resources and increase of resource efficiency (e.g. through use cascades),
  2. the implementation of good agricultural practice,
  3. corresponding third-party certification, and
  4. a responsible choice of feedstock: The use of food residues or by-products of (food) crops can contribute to more sustainable sourcing. In addition, the biorefinery concept is promising in transforming cellulosic, non-food biomass feedstock into a variety of chemicals, e.g. ethanol, lactic acid, or many others, which can also be used to manufacture bioplastics.

Sustainable sourcing of the renewable feedstock and good agricultural practices and technologies are continuously enhanced and ensured through the emergence of reliable and independent sustainability certification schemes such as ISCC Plus, RSB, or REDcert.

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