Bioplastics Organisations Network Europe (BON Europe)

The Bioplastics Organisations Network Europe (BON Europe) is a collaboration of national bioplastics organisations from across Europe. BON Europe was launched in summer 2015 with the mission to connect initiatives around the bioplastics industry on EU level and in the Member States. 

 The BON Europe partner organisations represent companies that produce, convert, or use bioplastics that are bio-based, biodegradable or both, as well as upstream and downstream sectors, such as agriculture and waste management. The network currently connects nine bioplastics organisations. European Bioplastics (EUBP) acts as the umbrella organisation and coordinates the BON network. 

The main objective of BON Europe is to push for an economically and politically favourable landscape for bioplastics in Europe. For this reason, the network offers a forum for national organisations to exchange information and best practices. By combining forces and sharing knowledge about national developments and different regulatory landscapes, the network helps to improve the impact on national and EU policies. 

Members of BON Europe:  

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