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Below you will find a selection of images for reporting purposes on the topics surrounding bioplastics. We request that the source is always credited and would appreciate a copy of your final article to be sent to us. The general content and design of these images will not be changed. All images are in JPG format and can be downloaded by clicking on the preview picture.

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EUBP logos, charts, and market data graphs

European Bioplastics Logo

16th European Bioplastics Conference 2021 in Berlin

EUBP Board & Management

Stefan Barot (BIOTEC)Lars Börger (Neste)Mariagiovanna Vetere (NatureWorks)Erwin Lepoudre (Kaneka)Paolo La Scola (TotalEnergies Corbion)Peter von den Kerkhoff (Covation Biomaterials)Afsaneh Nabifar (BASF SE)Franz Kraus (Novamont)Hasso von PogrellConstance Ißbrücker (EUBP)

Service packaging

SPAR permanent carrier bag made from PLAEuBP_CompostableBag_CardiaFKuR_Flower_wrapSynbra_BioFoamUnicoop_compostable _light_weight_bagVictorGroup_Hofer_Compostable_shoppingmonta biopack® self-adhesive tape (c) monta

Food packaging

Catering products


Textiles and fibers

Virent ShirtVirent ShirtVirent Shirt

Horticulture and agriculture


Other applications

Mega Blogs from bio-based PE (c) MattelToy set partly made from bio-based PE (c) HapeJohn Deere EcoRigs trucks made from biobased PE (c) BeginAgain, 2017LEGO botanical elements made from biobased PEToy building blocks from bio-based PE (c) biOBUDDiDesk and office accessories made by Solegear