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News in brief: July 2019

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) and fifteen industries unite to to set out their joint Vision for Europe’s bioeconomy future – a circular bio-society This Vision  "The circular-bio society in 2050" will establish a sustainable and competitive bio-based industry in the EU enabling a circular bio-society by 2050. In this circular bio-society, informed citizens choose a sustainable way of life, supporting an economy that couples economic growth [...]

29 July 2019|

14th European Bioplastics Conference: Last chance to participate in the Call for Papers

The planning of the 14th European Bioplastics Conference is in full swing. The Call for Papers to become a speaker has generated a huge amount of interest and many organisations have already submitted their proposals. For those interested in contributing to the conference programme, there is still a chance to participate. The deadline to send an abstract is 31 [...]

29 July 2019|

EUBP’s policy recommendations to use sound LCAs as a basis for policy formulation

In recent years, policy makers have become increasingly reliant on the use of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to establish a proper basis for more transparent and evidence-based decision-making on policies and regulations. However, succesful LCAs must take into account a number of considerations in terms of how they influence the final result and policy support. These include data availability [...]

29 July 2019|

World Economic Forum chooses bioplastics as one of the top 10 emerging technologies for 2019

The new report “Top 10 emerging technologies 2019” compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF) reveals some of the innovations that are expected to impact the global social and economic order. According to WEF, bioplastics made out of cellulose or lignin from plant waste lead the ranking of these breakthrough technologies. “From income inequality to climate change, technology will play [...]

29 July 2019|

PolyBioSkin: Latest research milestones on bio-based diapers, beauty masks and wound dressings

The project PolyBioSkin, which was set out in 2017, aims to develop and validate pilot processes for producing prototypes of three globally significant, high performance, skin-contact products: diapers, beauty masks and wound dressings. These prototypes have to be predominantly bio-based and also biodegradable according to EN 13432. Two years on, the project is well advanced and delivering on some [...]

29 July 2019|

Member portrait: Prodplast Group

Mr Tudor Georgescu, CEO at Prodplast In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present five facts about a member of European Bioplastics. This month, Mr Tudor Georgescu, CEO at Prodplast, shares some information on the group of companies specialised in the manufacturing and development of biodegradable and compostable films, carrier bags, fruit and vegetable bags, mulching [...]

29 July 2019|

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