In the week from August 22-26, 2016, the Bioplastics Division of North American SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and other partnering organisations, including European Bioplastics, Plastics Europe, USDA BioPreferred Program, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and many more bioplastics organisations and companies, will be promoting the Bioplastics Week – a social media-based event to increase visibility for bioplastics. The campaign will be a great opportunity to educate consumers, brand owners, and the plastics industry about the advantages of bioplastics.


There are a lot of organisations that already individually work to promote and educate on behalf of bioplastics, and that now have the opportunity to get together and have a digital conversation. We all create great materials throughout the year, and this gives us a great way to reuse it and highlight it again.

One of the highlights of the Bioplastics Week will be the announcement of the Winner of the 2016 Innovation in Bioplastics Award on 26 August. Other projects developed specifically for and released during the Bioplastics week are workshops, Q&A blog posts, reports, infographics, press releases, and many many tweets and posts on social media channels. SPI’s Bioplastics Division will be holding a webinar on biodegradability claims and related environmental claims on 24 August. To drive media attention, SPI will release their quarterly Plastics Market Watch report on bioplastics on 25 August.

By following the hashtag #bioplasticsweek on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, people will be able to learn about biobased and biodegradable bioplastics, and who is active in the space. Or simply go to the SPI Bioplastics Division’s website where all posts will be aggregated.