European Bioplastics has launched a series of informal talks focusing on alternative sustainable feedstock sources for bioplastics. The series will run from April until an in-person event in Brussels in October 2024 where not only outstanding researchers will be invited, but also companies who are interested in taking up the innovative solutions and policymakers to monitor the innovation emerging from recent projects and initiatives.

The first talk of the series entitled “From Linear to Circular: Waste Cooking Oils as Feedstock for Polymers and Plastics” will kick off on 10 April. Our guest speaker, Antonino Biundo Ph.D., from the University of Baro Aldo Moro, will share insights from the REWIND project on the topic of waste cooking oils as feedstock to produce polymers and plastics through enzymatic modifications.

The REWIND project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action, explores how to use waste cooking oil as feedstock for polymer bioproduction through enzymatic recycling. Waste cooking oils are currently already being transformed into biofuels, but they have the potential to be valorised to create high-value products that are food-contact safe. Antonino Biundo will delve into the REWIND approach and explain how it is contributing to the circularity and sustainability goals of the EU.

You can register for the event online here.