Certified soil-biodegradable mulch films are a specific type of mulch film used in agriculture to positively impact factors like temperature, moisture and weed growth to increase the crop yield and quality. They are made from certified soil-biodegradable materials in compliance with the biodegradability and ecotoxicity requirements as well as the technical specifications outlined in international standards (EN 17033:2018 and ISO 23517:2021) or certification schemes.(1)

In contrast to conventional mulch films, certified soil-biodegradable ones do not need to be removed but are ploughed under after the harvest where they will completely biodegrade in the soil.

(1) Complete biodegradation can be expected when a mulch film is certified in line with EN17033 and means that a minimum of 90% is converted to CO2 in 2 years. The remaining Carbon from the material will become part of the biomass.