Labels referring to the biobased content are for example DIN-Geprüft biobased, OK biobased (both offering different labels reflecting the product’s share of biobased content), and the new logo by Nederlandse Norm (NEN), based on EN 16785-1.

Labels for industrially compostable products are, for example, the Seedling Logo, OK Compost, and DIN-Geprüft Industrial Compostable.

Labels proving home compostability are OK compost Home and the DIN-Geprüft Home Compostable Mark.

The label OK biodegradable Soil is certified by TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium in case a product meets the requirement of their certification scheme. DIN CERTCO awards DIN-Geprüft biodegradable in soil in accordance with CEN/TR 15822.

Figure: The EUBP-Seedling, a biobased label by DIN CERTCO and OK biodegradable SOIL by TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium

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