Düsseldorf, 11 May 2023, 8.30 am-3.30 pm, Maritim Hotel

(in-person and online event)

Organised by European Bioplastics, ENCO, AIMPLAS

Why this conference?
While modern economies highly depend on plastics in Europe with consumption in the range of 50 million tons per year, only 25-31% of the plastic waste in Europe is currently recycled, and the larger share is incinerated or even landfilled (high variability between countries). We still landfill nearly 40-50% of plastic waste. Today, in Europe, 70% of the packaging used in a wide variety of applications in different market sectors – including food, pharmaceuticals and clothing – is not recyclable. It consists mostly of multi-layer packaging, with each layer composed of different polymers that perform specific functions, making it technically non-recyclable. The end-of-life phase for this packaging, therefore, is either incineration or landfill.

What are the Potential Solutions?
In the past few years, several projects funded by the Bio-based Industries Joint Technology Initiative such as BIOnTop ProjectUsable PackagingCelluWiz, MANDALA and many others have developed novel alternative solutions to ‘eco-design’ packaging products to avoid the incineration and landfill routes at their end-of-life phase, rerouting them instead towards approved and accepted applications, where they can add value without adding an environmental burden.

For whom is this conference?
This conference is open to representatives of projects and organisations working on the development bio-based packaging products that are biodegradable/ compostable and/or recyclable. It is open to research organisations, industrial representatives, but also to consumer organisations, recyclers, and composting plant representatives.


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Speakers from outstanding research and innovation projects funded by the European Union: