In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present 5 facts about a member of European Bioplastics. In this issue, Gottfried Krapfenbauer, Product Manager Bioplastics AGRANA, shares some information about the Austrian producer of starch and starch-based bioplastics.  

5 facts about AGRANA Starch, Austria 

  1. As an Austria based, multinational company with over 9000 employees in 55 production sites world-wide, AGRANA uses its strong expertise in refining agricultural raw materials to serve customers from a wide variety of industries. Via the three divisions AGRANA Fruit, AGRANA Sugar & AGRANA Starch, we reach customers from the local industry, as well as customers acting on a global level. Our highly diversified product portfolio allows us to serve customers located in industry sectors such as food, paper & cardboard manufacturing, construction chemistry, adhesives, textiles, and also bioplastics. 
  2. The deep understanding of processing and modifying starch is located in our AGRANA Starch division. Here, we add value to raw materials such as wheat, corn, and potatoes and produce highly refined starch products for food, as well as for technical applications. 
  3. AGRANA always strives for technical innovation. This includes not only product innovations, but also innovations related to process technology, energy use & production efficiency. It guarantees a sustainable business and further lowering of the environmental impact of our production activities. With that background, AGRANA Starch uses 99.9 % of its raw materials to produce value added starch-based products.
  4. The unique expertise in starch was translated into AGRANA´s thermoplastic starch AMITROPLAST®. The 100 % bio-based and home-compostable AMITROPLAST gives compounders the opportunity to easily increase the bio-based content of their compostable compounds, improve biodegradability and decrease raw material costs. In driving innovation further, AGRANA offers compounds from the AGENACOMP® product family. AGENACOMP materials are ready-to-extrude compounds which are particularly designed for film extrusion. Just like AMITROPLAST our AGENACOMP materials are OK Compost Home certified.
  5. In all sections of the value chain AGRANA seeks for long-term relationships, be it with contracted growers, AGRANA employees or customers. This allows stable, reliable, and future-oriented business partnerships.