In each issue of the Bioplastics Newsletter, we present some facts about a member of European Bioplastics. This month, Frédéric Van Gansberghe, Chief Executive Officer of Futerro, shares some interesting insights on his company.   

5 facts about Futerro, Belgium 

  1. Futerro is working on polylactic acid (PLA) technology since 1992, mastering the complete production cycle, from sugar to PLA. 
  2. Commercial production has started in January 2021 with an annual capacity of 30,000 tons, increasing to 100,000 tons in 2022. 
  3. In 2022, Futerro will be the second largest PLA producer in the world. 
  4. Futerro is the only company able to fully recycle PLA into its monomer, lactic acid, which allows the reproduction of virgin PLA (LOOPLA Technology). 
  5. Futerro is building the first industrial PLA recycling plant in Belgium which will be completed in 2022.