Mr Axel Beyer, Plastic Engineer at the strap production of Mosca GmbH

In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present five facts about a member of European Bioplastics. This month, Mr Axel Beyer, Plastic Engineer at the strap production of Mosca GmbH, shares some information on one of the leading machine and strap manufacturers.

5 facts about Mosca GmbH, Germany

  1. Mosca GmbH, founded in 1966, is a global leader in the strapping industry that develops and manufactures high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials and safety systems for the transport of goods. The company employs more than 950 people at 17 locations worldwide. Mosca aims at reaching high quality standards for the products as well as innovative and succesful technological developments, while guaranteing corporate and social responsibility.
  2. Thanks to the use of PLA for the successful production of straps, Mosca took up the challenge for the packaing industry of producing plastic out of renewable resources as the first producer of strapping material worldwide.
  3. Additionally, the use of PLA enables an already certified biodegradability, which means that the strap can be completely industrially composted.
  4. The Eco-Strap is available in the strap width of 5 mm and is applicable to every regular strapping machine. The additional widths of 8 and 12 mm are on the brink of market launch.
  5. As a future development, Mosca strives to conduct material tests with bio-based plastics, which will be integrated into existing materials and recycling cycles without any restrictions. For customers, this will not result in any additional costs for the disposal of the strap, since the materials will be used in the already existing system and no separate collection of biomaterials will be required.