In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present 5 facts about a member of European Bioplastics. In this issue, Linda Zellner, Director Innovation at Perstorp, shares some information on one of the world leaders in speciality chemicals headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.

5 facts about Perstorp, Sweden

Linda Zellner, Director Innovation – Materials, Food and Feed, Perstorp AB

  1. Perstorp is a world leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products are added to a wide range of products used every day at home, work or leisure. Over 80% of the Group’s R&D work is focused on developing more efficient and environmentally sound products and processes. Perstorp is systematically mapping the carbon footprints and lifecycle impact of the main products.
  2. Bioplastics is a focus area for Perstorp. It is an important part of our commitment to the environment and our vision for a more sustainable future. We believe in the dynamic bioplastic market, which is still young and fast-growing, and is looking for new innovations. With the major growth in the packaging sector our resources are ideally suited to support the segments; bags and films, rigid packaging and paper coatings.
  3. Our wide range of caprolactone polymers and our long experience offer you a unique combination of knowledge, expertise, plant & test facilities. Our Capa™ for Bioplastics are known for their compatibility with many types of polymers. Capa™ for Bioplastics has excellent biodegradability properties, which can enhance properties of biopolymers and create unique product characteristics. With our offer we can improve existing bioplastic solutions, extend the use of biopolymers and provide you with an excellent toolbox to create competitive and more sustainable products.
  4. Within the Bioplastics area we are constantly working with development of more sustainable and renewable raw material sources. We strive to lower the environmental impact further as well as to create solutions with new and exciting properties meeting market demands.
  5. To increase awareness and to encourage a more responsible use and disposal of plastics, Perstorp has initiated the “Time to act” campaign. To learn more, please visit