Jean-Marc Nony, Sustainable Development Director, SPHERE

In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present 5 facts about a member of European Bioplastics. This month, Jean-Marc Nony, Sustainable Development Director at SPHERE, shares some information on the French family group and leading European manufacturer of household packaging and bioplastic bags.

5 facts about SPHERE, FRANCE

  1. Founded in 1976, SPHERE is the leading European manufacturer of household packaging, records sales revenue of over 500 million euros and has a workforce of 1300. It develops, produces, markets and distributes: bin liners, fruit and vegetable bags, reusable bags, freezer bags, food-safe films and papers, aluminium trays and rolls, etc.
  2. In the past fifteen years, SPHERE has invested over 50 million euros in bioplastics, R&D and in its production facilities. It has become the leading European manufacturer of bioplastic bags, in particular bin liners and fruit and vegetable bags.
  3. Its goal is to develop the certified compostable bioplastics sector in Europe based on potato starch. In 2016, SPHERE developed it business with the production of home-compostable fruit and vegetable bags.
  4. SPHERE has also reduced its carbon footprint thanks to its range of plant-sourced polythene based on sugar cane.
  5. The use of recycled plastic raw materials is the 3rd strand of SPHERE’s environmental strategy to end the use of virgin, non-renewable raw materials by 2022.