In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present 5 facts about a member of European Bioplastics. In this issue, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bonten, Chairman and Director at the Institut für Kunststofftechnik (IKT), University Stuttgart shares some information about his institute.

5 facts about Institut für Kunststofftechnik (IKT), University Stuttgart

  1. The expertise of the Institut für Kunststofftechnik (IKT – Institute for Plastics Engineering) comprises the entire field of plastics technology, including material engineering, processing technology (mechanical and process engineering), and construction/product engineering.
  2. We work with biopolymers as well as bioplastics in many different projects with international companies in order to develop special compounds for specific applications and requirements as well as universally valid solutions.
  3. More than 150 engineers, chemists, physicists and students are working in our research and testing laboratories and pilot processing plants, stretching over a 5,000 sqm area at University of Stuttgart.
  4. IKT offers academic teaching in the fields of plastic engineering in undergraduate and postgraduate (bachelor/master) courses as well as in several seminars for professionals.
  5. Dr.-Ing. Bonten, Chair Holder and Director of the IKT since 2010, is an internationally renowned expert in the field of (bio-)plastics, cooperating closely with and transferring knowledge to the industry.