Home-compostable bag made from Bio-Flex FX1803 (c) FKuR, 2017

The bioplastics specialist FKuR has developed new Bio-Flex blends for the production of thin films which will biodegrade completely in garden compost at low, variable temperatures. Most of the new compounds meet the requirements of Article 75 of the French Energy Transition Law according to which plastic bags for fruit and vegetables in French supermarkets have to be home-hompostable and contain a minimum of 30 percent of renewable raw materials (60% from 2025 onwards) since January 2017. The new Bio-Flex grades have been issued the OK Compost Home certificate by Belgium-based certification body Vinçotte.

The home-compostable Bio-Flex compounds have improved toughness as well as moisture and tear resistance and possible applications range from multi-purpose bags, as well as bags for fruit and vegetable packing, mulching films and other packaging.