Promateris’ business to focus on compostable packaging

The Romanian industrial group Promateris, leader in the Central Eastern Europe region in the production of compostable and biodegradable packaging, has started a division process in its company. The aim is to transfer assets that are unrelated to the core activity to a new entity, Obor Development S.A. The management estimates the process to be finalized by the end of the year. “We are happy to announce the beginning of the division process of the company by removing, in the interest of shareholders, the non-core assets from our key business. Promateris will now focus only on the sector in which we aim to become a European leader, namely compostable packaging”, stated Tudor Georgescu, CEO at Promateris.

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Total Corbion PLA is closing the loop for paper-coated packaging and serviceware

Total Corbion PLA has demonstrated that paper-coated applications with Luminy® PLA can now not only be certified compostable, but also recyclable. The new development adds an additional, previously unattainable end-of-life option for applications based on coated paperboard/paper such as coffee cups and take-out containers, ensuring valuable resources can be reused as new products.

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