European Bioplastics appoints new Head of EU Affairs in Brussels 

European Bioplastics announced the appointment of Joanna Dupont-Inglis as new Head of European Affairs. She assumed her position on 1 June 2020 and will be based in Brussels. 

“With her broad experience in the bioeconomy, we are very happy to have Joanna on board. EUBP has been working together with Joanna for many years. Besides her outstanding technical and political expertise, we also know her for being a strong team player with a remarkable social competence”, says François de Bie, Chairman of EUBP. “This year can be considered of key importance for the bioplastics industry and Joanna entered at just the right time”, he adds. 

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15th European Bioplastics Conference: call for papers

This year’s European Bioplastics Conference is envisaged to take place on 1/2 December 2020 at the Trend Hotel Savoyen in Vienna, Austria. The conference’s 15th edition will focus on the latest innovations in bioplastics as well as on environmental aspects and opportunities for growth in the bio-based plastics sector. The call for paper is open and experts are invited to submit proposals for a presentation on the following topics: bio-based and/or biodegradable polymers – latest material and process innovations; packaging innovations, especially food contact solutions; additives for bioplastics, such as bio-based plasticisers, flame retardants etc.; mechanical and chemical recycling of bio-based plastics; the role of compostable and/or bio-based plastics in national and international waste legislation; sustainability assessment with focus on LCA of bio-based plastics; new (durable) applications introduced in 2020; sneak preview 2020 – product and material pre-launch, and the bioplastics policy and market developments in the EU and beyond. 

If you would like to contribute to the programme, please download the abstract template. We also invite proposals for poster presentations giving researchers and new projects the opportunity to visualise their work and preliminary results in the fields of biopolymer research, packaging, and building blocks. If you would like to contribute a poster presentation, please contact us to receive the template. The deadline to submit an abstract for this Call for Papers is August 31st, 2020. 

PHAs on the rise: for the first time, demand outstrips supply 

PHAs can be recycled in any possible way, including natural degradation and serve as nutrients or as an energy source to organisms. They are versatile and, thuspromising. So far, there was just one problem: they were not competitive. As a consequencedemand didn’t develop. And therefore, they remained uncompetitive for some timeBut now, this vicious circle is gradually being broken. PHAs are on the rise. Prospects are getting brighter.  

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