• Mater-Biopolymer

    Novamont reopens Mater-Bioploymer plant in Patrica: Mater-Bi is a company wholly controlled by the Novamont group. Its purpose is the manufacture of ORIGO–BI®, biopolyesters with a high level of renewables, components of MATER-BI® compostable bioplastics. The plant has been regenerated, modified and in some cases wholly renewed to implement innovative technologies developed by Novamont in the form of a continuous process. These are technologies able to use the raw materials of Novamont’s system – biobutandiol and azelaic acid, bio-based monomers – to manufacture ORIGO-BI® biololyesters through a process which is increasingly sustainable, and always directed towards reducing emissions. Mater-Biopolymer also contributes to minimise costs and wastes through waste recovery, with a view to the circular economy and sustainability.

  • Compostable plastics part of UK Parliament’s sustainability initiative: As part of its 2018 initiative to cut down on the use of single-use items where feasible, or to substitute them with more sustainable alternatives, the Parliament of the United Kingdom has rolled out a new range of bio-based, certified compostable catering items, such as coffee cups, soup containers and salad boxes in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. New waste bins will be installed to capture used compostable items. The waste will be sent to an organic recycling facility, which will create high quality compost from it. The introduction of compostable products is one of several measures to be realised in the Houses by 2019. The first phase of the Parliament’s plan, for example, saw the introduction of re-usable coffee cups earlier this year. On top of that, plans to stop selling bottled water in the Parliament will come into effect in October.

  • A new bio-plastic plant commissioned by Thyssenkrupp starts operating in China: The world’s first commercial plant based on the Thyssenskrupp’s PLAneo® technology has started production in Changchun, China. The new plant is operated by the Jilin COFCO Biomaterial Corporation, a subsidiary of COFCO, China’s largest food and beverage group. The new plant produces all standard PLA types, among other things for the production of eco-friendly packaging, fibers, textiles and engineering plastics.