On 24 May 2024 at 10:00 am CET, the PRESERVE  project organised an online training, delivered by EUBP member Normec OWS and moderated by European Bioplastics. The training on “Biodegradation: one concept, many environments” is the second webinar of a training series which touches upon key topics of interest in the realm of sustainable packaging and EU research and innovation projects, such as the Safe and Sustainable by Design Framework, biodegradation and Open Science. 

In this training provided by Steven Verstichel – Division Manager BCDE Biodegradation, Composting, Disintegration, Environmental Safety- and Gaëlle Cavalie – Marketing & Sales Officer, the 71 participants learned about the basics of biodegradation in various environments for biobased materials, as well as the different existing biodegradation certificates and the necessary testing. They also gained insights into certifications and logos, along with results from EU projects on biodegradation, including those of PRESERVE.  

Since 2020, the 4-year EU-funded project PRESERVE is developing five food and drink packaging demonstrators made with biobased materials and five personal care items demonstrators made with secondary raw materials. For targeted applications, biodegradability can provide viable end-of-life solutions in cases of safe and sustainable biodegradation, either in open environments or under controlled conditions, for example in composting and anaerobic digestion plants. 

PRESERVE aims at substituting the linear use of plastics with a circular approach, substituting conventional fossil plastics by biobased or recycled ones. Biodegradation as end-of-life options is also an important cornerstone of the projects focus. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming PRESERVE training on:

  • 1 July 2024, 10:00 CET – Distributing Knowledge: Empowering EU-Funded projects with Open Science, by KNEIA.