The PRESERVE project “High performance sustainable bio-based packaging with tailored end of life and upcycled secondary use” hit its half-way mark. The EU financed project started in January 2021 and is set to finish in December 2024. PRESERVE has the ambition of substituting 60% of packaging solutions with biobased alternatives. To do so, PRESERVE is enhancing biobased packaging in terms of properties that currently limit the application of bioplastics as well as in terms of end-of-life. Preserve targets are steadily reaching their goals and subsequently being presented at several events.






Upcoming strategies for the production of sustainable (bio)plastics

14 June | 10.00 am

As part the BIO4Plastics Cluster of projects together with the project UpP-ET and REWIND, PRESERVE is organising a Webinar on 14 June, 10.00 am on “Upcoming strategies for the production of sustainable (bio)plastics”. The webinar will touch upon waste and raw materials, with the case study of waste cooking oils for polymers (REWIND), biotechnology for the valorization of waste products for plastic production (Up-PET), and the production of laminates and other materials (PRESERVE).

The webinar will have a duration of 1.5 hours with ample Q&A and panel discussion time. To register follow this link.