NETmicroplastic is a sustainable multi-actor network focusing on microplastics in agricultural soil for gaining scientific knowledge, identifying potential risks, and triggering innovation. It aims to deepen our understanding of microplastics in support of policy and society. It encourages dialogue and co-development to bring forward environmentally friendly management practices especially in fruit and wine growing.

Expected Results:

  • Setting up a sustainable RTI partnership to close knowledge gaps in microplastic pollution and respective technological solutions.
  • Identifying and mapping microplastic activities in Lower Austria (NÖ), Austria and EU.
  • Enhancing research on microplastic impact in soil and biodegradable plastic alternatives by intensifying research & development through national and European projects.
  • Exchanging knowledge across different stakeholder groups including policymakers and opinion leaders, industry and SMEs, industry associations, farmers and farmers‘associations, society, educational sector and the scientific community.