Fantastic Bioplastic Finder by Circuteria

Read in the following a guest article by the Berlin-based start-up Circuteria. 

In the consumer products industry, there still remains a lack of information and understanding in regard to sustainability. Many manufacturers want to produce more sustainable products with biopolymers but often do not know what materials to use. The digital platform developed by Circuteria addresses such problems by connecting all stakeholders along the circular bioeconomy’s value chain, in which bioplastics are an essential component.  

A central component of Circuteria’s concept is its Fantastic Bioplastic Finder, with which product manufacturers, using conventional plastics, can search for bioplastic alternatives on a product-specific basis. There is already a first prototype of the Finder. By typing in the plastic ID (e.g. “PET”) or alternatively including the specific material requirements of the conventional plastic product, the programme provides manufacturers with information about the best bioplastic alternatives available (e.g. “Bio-PET”). It can also be used by consumers who want to learn more about bioplastics as a substitute. In an advanced version, simulations allow the user to refine their bioplastic findings for their specific product (e.g. “Heat Transfer Simulation”). Circuteria also maintains a website where potential customers can inform themselves about bioplastic materials and products. 

Bioplastics still have some way to go: currently, the bioplastics market only stands for around 1% of the total plastic production. This is partly due to undeveloped economies of scale and the low price of oil. Within the next five years, however, bioplastics are predicted to grow by 36 %. There are many drivers for this change: one is scientific breakthroughs that will improve the competitiveness of bioplastics, not only in price and sustainability but also with regards to material properties. Corporate responsibility is another driver, e.g. Lego announced that by 2030, it will produce all products from renewable plastics. The Fantastic Bioplastic Finder makes the perfect fit by helping to speed up this development so that in the future, more sustainable products can be made by using bioplastics.  

In order to further improve the Finder, Circuteria is still looking for feedback from material suppliers and product manufacturers. If you are interested, please contact us: