2019 has once again been an exciting year for bioplastics and the whole industry involved. On 3/4 December, key representatives of all relevant stakeholder groups along the value chain of bioplastics will come together in Berlin to celebrate the 14th annual European Bioplastics Conference. During the two-day event, participants will be able to listen to a broad variety of speakers, who will cover all major topics that are currently moving the industry, including the EU policy on bioplastics, packaging, brand owners perspectives on bioplastics, or the debate around feedstock and end-of-life options for bioplastics.

Among other speakers, Werner Bosmans from the DG Environment of the European Commission will give a presentation on the Commission’s initiatives stemming from the Circular Economy Action Plan and the Plastics Strategy. The EC continues to have plastics high on the agenda, which includes key topics, such as (micro) plastics pollution as well as the role of the plastics industry in the circular economy. Other topics include the establishment of a framework for biodegradable and compostable plastics on the one hand and looking at sustainability aspects of bio-based plastics on the other hand. From a brand owner’s perspective, Philippe Diercxsens, Packaging and Environment Manager at Danone, will throw some light on the essential requirements (ER) for packaging currently revised by the EC. The current revision of the ER aims at enhancing the design for reuse and a high quality recycling of packaging. In this context, he will focus on the key options under consideration. In his presentation, Michael Carus, Managing Director at nova-Institut, will take a closer look at the “Renewable Carbon” strategy. Chemicals and plastics need carbon, which not necessarily has to be fossil carbon. Accordingly, he will focus on renewable carbon and its three sources: bio-based, recycling, and direct CO2 use.

In contrast to past conferences, this year’s event will put a stronger focus on the brand owner perspective by dedicating a whole session to this particular stakeholder group. Diego Torresan, Research Advisor and Business Development Manager at Bio-on, will explain the use of bioplastics in the furniture industry. Furniture made of 100 percent bioplastics earn extraordinary thermo-mechanical and aesthetical properties that fit to a wide range of actual plastic processing installations. Maik Birnbach, Head of Packaging Sustainability at Einhorn, will share first hand insights of his work in a company, which is currently shifting towards an economy of the future, questioning how we work together and understand business sustainability. Clément Affholder, Innovation Manager at VAUDE, will put a focus on the use of bioplastics in the textile industry by showcasing the example of his company. Damir Perkic, founder of BE O, will issue the partialy negative conception of plastics and bioplastics by consumers. He will explain his approach of how to accelerate the transition from conventional plastics to bioplastics by making it attractive to consumers according to his claim “Let’s make bioplastics sexy”.

Besides this quick flashlight on some of the key topics featured during the two-day conference, there will be many more interesting presentations and discussions. Click here to see the complete program and secure your ticket for the leading business forum of the bioplastics industry here.