François de Bie, Chairman of EUBP, opening the 12th European Bioplastics Conference 2017 in Berlin.

With more and more brands, manufacturers, and policy makers putting bioplastics high up on the agenda, we invite you to join in on the discussion on 4/5 December 2018 in Berlin. Download the conference agenda here:

The speaker line-up includes:

  • Philippe Diercxsens, DANONE, presenting on the impact of packaging waste legislation,
  • Stephen Elliot-Wetmore, WWF South Africa, on driving partnerships and innovations;
  • Miriam Weber, HYDRA Marine Sciences, on testing biodegradation in the marine environment;
  • Michiel de Smet (European Commission, DG Research and Innovation) speaking about bioplastics’ role in an innovative circular economy;
  • Rana Pant (European Commission, Joint Research Centre) sharing insights into the JRC’s LCA work on plastics using alternative feedstock material;
  • Philippe Mengal (Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking) presenting on how to catalyse the growth of the EU bioplastics market;
  • María José Badenas Romero (AIMPLAS) discussing how to verify food-contact compliance and questioning whether recyclates fulfil the requirements; and many more.

We will dive into a wide range of topics, including the latest updates and harmonization efforts in standardisation for bioplastics, packaging developments from single-use to food-contact solutions, new technologies and process routes, as well as innovative bioplastics applications. In keeping with a well-received tradition, we will present the latest bioplastics market data update and elaborate on the potentials and future development of the bioplastics industry. Another highlight will be a major market introduction announcement, aiming to revolutionise the PLA market. Secure your ticket here:

Is PLA home compostable? Following the latest discussion, the question of End-of-Life options for bioplastics is more pressing than ever. Total Corbion, Novamont and The Austrian Compost and Biogas Association will rectify common misconceptions on this topic and share best-practice examples. A premiere you should not miss is Carbiolice introducing their latest PLA compounds and how they managed to make these compounds fit to meet home composting requirements.

Are there any tools that might help drive and evaluate sustainability besides LCA? A panel discussion including Rana Pant (EC JRC), Nikolay Minkov (Technische Universität Berlin), Annamari Enström (Neste Corporation), and Meadhbh Bolger (Friends of the Earth) will elaborate on the complexities and pitfalls of using LCA as a tool to compare bio-based to fossil-based plastics.

Will we see the first 100% bio-based PET bottle in the market soon? An innovative route to a bio-based building block might just make that happen. The building block session will feature David Sudolsky (Annellotech), René Saint-Loup (Roquette), and Thomas Köppl (Hexpol).

If you, too, would like to participate as a delegate, get involved as a sponsor, or present your organisation in the exhibition, secure your tickets here:

We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin in December!