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European Bioplastics collaborates with nova-Institute and Plastics Europe to deliver bioplastics production data for 2022

2023-11-21T11:22:57+01:0017 October 2023|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

In a joint effort to offer transparency to EU stakeholders, nova-Institute has worked with European Bioplastics and Plastics Europe to provide the bioplastics production data for the year 2022. The data is based on the nova-Institute polymer production data and adapted to EUBP’s bioplastics scope. Applications include: Agriculture and horticulture, [...]

We need a clear distinction in the communication about the use of verifiable renewable feedstock and “bio-attributed” feedstocks using mass balance 

2023-06-01T16:00:47+02:001 June 2023|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Traditional polymer manufacturing processes heavily rely on fossil fuels as feedstock, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of finite resources.   The utilisation of biomass in the plastics sector has evolved to offer sustainable alternatives to conventional fossil-based materials. By leveraging biogenic feedstock, the industry can reduce its environmental impact and promote circularity. [...]