MoeBIOS is a new R&D project funded by the European Union through the Circular Biobased Europe Joint Undertaking focusing on the improvement of waste management of biobased plastics and on the upcycling in packaging, textile and agriculture sectors. The project will kick off in June 2024 under the lead of ITENE and with 21 partners spread across Europe.

MoeBIOS will test new ways of recycling biobased plastics and of increasing sorting and recycled content. The project will create linkages at the different key stages of the whole chain of waste management from the collection of the bioplastic waste (simulated streams), up to the upcycling and validation of the final recycled end-products (with a holistic and integrated solution). Within this framework, MoeBIOS will engage several players, from waste producers, waste managers, to the representatives of the biobased and bioplastics industry. MoeBIOS will focus on bioplastics for which recycling processes are still not in place, excluding biobased analogues (“drop-ins”): PLA and PLA blends, PHA and its blends, PBS and PEF. The use of PBAT will be assessed as well.

MoeBIOS will also provide recommendations to certifying bodies on how to improve the existing system for certification of recycled and biobased content. The input will focus on how to potentially incorporate it in future biobased and recycled products (e.g., labelling) in the certification processes, based on the results of the technical work packages and its multi-actor engagement activities. In the mid-term, the goal is to bring project recycling experts to share their achieved results with certifying bodies for biobased and compostable products and to provide input for the potential revision and enhancement of certification schemes.

A first event planned on recycling approaches and technologies of this project is scheduled alongside the European Bioplastics Conference, EBC 24 on 9 December 2024 from 17:00 until 20:00 CET. Registration is already open: