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Marine litter

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Open the document In order to minimise and ultimately prevent further pollution of the marine environment, European Bioplastics: considers the full implementation of EU waste legislation and an increase in the efficiency of waste management crucial; supports the gradual phase-out of landfilling for plastic products in Europe and appropriate measures to expand recycling [...]

Recycling and recovery: end-of-life options for bioplastics

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Open the document Efficient waste management is key to the European Commission’s flagship policy goal of a resource-efficient Europe and its circular economy vision. The EU Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC, WFD) defines a five-step waste hierarchy ranking the treatments of waste based on their ability to conserve resources. Bioplastics can be biobased, like [...]

Bioplastics facts & figures

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Open the document Plastics are an integral part of our modern life. They play an essential role in providing, protecting, and delivering high-quality products in pretty much every market segment to consumers around the world. Today, there is a bioplastic alternative for almost every conventional plastic material and corresponding application. Bioplastics – plastics [...]

Bioplastics – furthering efficient waste management

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Open the document Efficient waste management is key to the European Commission’s flagship policy of a resource efficient Europe and its vision of a circular bioeconomy. Yet, today, the waste management infrastructure still varies immensely within the EU. In the European Union Waste Framework Directive a waste hierarchy has been defined in five [...]


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Open the document In the EU waste hierarchy, disposal (i.e. landfill and similar operations) ranks as the least preferable way of waste management. Read this paper and learn about: Description of technology Current distribution Legal and political framework Interactions between bioplastics and landfilling

“Oxo-biodegradable” plastics and other plastics with additives for degradation

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Open the document Bioplastics are a broad family of materials that are either biobased, biodegradable, or both. The term “biobased” describes the basis of a material being fully or partly derived from biomass. The term “biodegradable” refers to the inherent property of a material that, with the help of naturally occurring microorganisms such [...]