Bioplastics – a part of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy

The bioeconomy concept focuses on sustainable production and conversion of biomass into a broad range of industrial products, materials, energy, as well as food and health products. Bioplastics are driving the evolution of the plastics industry in Europe and represent a crucial pillar of the bioeconomy.

“Advancements in bioeconomy research and innovation uptake will allow Europe to improve the management of its renewable biological resources and to open new and diversified markets in food and bio-based products. Establishing a bioeconomy in Europe holds a great potential: it can maintain and create economic growth and jobs in rural, coastal and industrial areas, reduce fossil fuel dependence, and improve the economic and environmental sustainability of primary production and processing industries.”
(EU Commission, “Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe”)

European Bioplastics is preparing further input to the ongoing strategy development process. We support all efforts to strengthen research and development activities in Europe and welcome measures to facilitate the market introduction of bioplastics.

For more detailed information, please have a look at our fact sheets on ‘Waste management’ and ‘Feedstock availability’.

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