At this year’s K’2016, 19-26 October 2016, EUBP will highlight the latest innovations and advancements of the industry and inform visitors about the many benefits of bio-based and biodegradable plastic materials. Bioplastics have long moved from being a buzzword to an economically competitive and sustainable alternative to conventional plastics. The latest market data show a growth rate from 20-100 percent per year and predict this trend to continue with global production capacities for bioplastics to increase from 1,7 million tons in 2014 to 7.8 million tons in 2019. Correspondingly, the interest in bioplastic solutions increased enormously over the past years. Major brands are responding to a growing ecological awareness of consumers by replacing conventional plastic materials with more sustainable and bio-based materials.

The joint booth in Hall 7a / booth B10 of EUBP and the industry’s trade magazine, the bioplastics MAGAZINE, will be a hub for all visitors interested in bioplastics providing, among other, assistance in finding the right company amongst the over 40 bioplastics companies at the trade show. On three days, 20-22 October (8:00am–12:30pm) bioplastics MAGAZINE will host the Bioplastics Business Breakfast at the CCD Ost (on the fairgrounds) with many interesting presentations, including presentations by EUBP, discussions, and a unique networking opportunity.

Topics will be:

  • Thursday, 20 Oct: Bioplastics in packaging
  • Friday. 21 Oct: PLA, an innovative bioplastics
  • Saturday, 22 Oct: Bioplastics in durable applications

Admission fees to the Bioplastics Business Breakfast start at €249. For more information, go to:

image: impression from K 2013 (c) European Bioplastics

image: impression from K 2013 (c) European Bioplastics