Maija Pohjakallio, Sustainability Director at Sulapac Ltd., Finland

In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present some facts about a member of European Bioplastics. This month, Maija Pohjakallio, Sustainability Director at Sulapac, shares some interesting insights on her company.

5 facts about Sulapac Ltd., Finland

  1. Sulapac® accelerates and inspires the plastic waste-free future with biocomposite materials that are functional and beautiful. Like nature.
  2. Sulapac® materials are designed to replace conventional plastic in a variety of applications such as premium packaging, clothing hangers, cutlery and hygiene products, without compromising usability or aesthetics.
  3. Sulapac® materials are bio-based and organically recyclable via industrial composting (EN 13432). They biodegrade into CO2, water and biomass without leaving permanent microplastics behind. Their carefully selected raw-materials are responsibly sourced and safe for people and the planet. All ingredients are food contact approved (EU).
  4. What makes Sulapac® truly innovative, is that these materials are processable with conventional plastic converting machinery, with only minor adjustments needed.
  5. Besides materials (granulates), Sulapac’s portfolio includes premium packaging and a drinking straw. Sulapac® materials and products have been adopted by brands and converters in Europe, the US, Canada and Japan. Cooperation with partners can consist of various aspects, including R&D and the development of take-back systems and recycling routes. Sulapac® does not own any production plants, instead the production takes place in partner networks thanks to a ‘factory as a service’ approach.