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News in brief: November 2022

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DUH ran misleading composting experiment  The German Association for Compostable Products (Verbund kompostierbare Produkte e.V., Berlin, Germany) expressed its strong disappointment over the latest field test on the compostability of bioplastics initiated by the German NGO Environmental Action Germany (DUH). In particular, the selection of the tested products as well as the composting conditions [...]

News from the members: January 2022

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Sulzer PLA bioplastics production technology selected for NatureWorks' new plant with annual capacity of 75'000 tons  Developed to support the increasing global demand for polylactic acid (PLA) bioplastics, NatureWorks’ fully integrated plant will utilize Sulzer Chemtech's advanced lactide purification and polymer production technology to produce 75'000 tons per year of Ingeo polylactic acid (PLA) [...]

News in brief: March 2021

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Polymateria misuses RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols  RecyClass, a cross-industry initiative that offers recyclability certifications and recycled content traceability certification for plastic packaging, informed about a misuse of its RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols by the British start-up Polymateria. After RecyClass had refused a request by Polymateria, the company commissioned Impact Solutions to carry out a recyclability test for their polyethylene film with biodegradable additive technology called PLM-G. Later, the [...]