Saloni Sharma – Policy & Advocacy Coordinator at GO!PHA

Every month, we present 5 facts about a member of European Bioplastics. This time, Saloni Sharma – Policy & Advocacy Coordinator at GO!PHA, shares some interesting insights on the company.

5 facts about GO!PHA

  • Facilitating Diverse Stakeholder Interaction: GO!PHA brings together over 60 stakeholders, including material producers, brand owners, academia, waste management organizations, innovative start-ups, and environmental foundations, forming a comprehensive coalition dedicated to driving the global economy towards a sustainable, circular economy that uses fossil-free alternative (to plastics) solutions in various applications.
  • Using Science to Inform Policy: As a highly motivated coalition, GO!PHA is actively influencing and reshaping global industry, and policy making. With ambition, influence, and dedication, we propel the adoption of innovative materials, emphasizing their potential to benefit both people and the planet!
  • Advocating for a Circular Bioeconomy: GO!PHA’s advocacy focuses on educating legislators and the public about societal and environmental issues, emphasizing the importance of aligning public policy with the principles of a circular bioeconomy. This includes activities such as policy advocacy, communication, education, policy research, and analysis.
  • Advancing Scientific and Technical Knowledge Exchange: The Science, Systems & Technology group within GO!PHA conducts and facilitates technical research and analysis, hosting monthly knowledge-sharing events with external experts for members. This expertise contributes to the development and dissemination of information on safe and suitable substitutes to fossil-based plastics.
  • Aligning Science and Innovation with Public Policy: GO!PHA is a UNEP-accredited non-profit foundation actively participating in the dissemination of information and the development of educational resources for the United Nations Global Plastics Treaty negotiations. This involvement underscores their commitment to highlighting the benefits of safe and suitable non-plastic substitutes for minimizing challenges created by conventional fossil-based plastics.