“The BioCannDo experience: Let’s talk about bio-based products”

BioCannDo presents 10 recommendations for consumer communications

The project BioCannDo has launched the brochure “The BioCannDo experience: Let’s talk about bio-based products”. This publication includes 10 recommendations on communications about bio-based products. The publication is aimed at other projects, initiatives and multipliers who communicate and inform about bio-based products. The brochure discusses experiences and recommendations with illustrative and practical examples.

The brochure is available for download at BioCannDo website.

AirFrance to increase the use of bio-based materials by the end of 2019

AirFrance has announced its decision to replace 1,300 tons of single-use plastic by sustainable alternatives by the end of 2019. Amongst other measures, the airlane is planning to replace 85 million plastic cutlery items with products made from bio-based materials.

For this year’s World Environment Day, passengers on flight AF378 from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Detroit already were offered products made of bio-based materials instead of the single-use plastic items usually distributed on board, in keeping with airline rules and health regulations.

Japan planst to promote plant-based bioplastics

Japan has adopted a policy package aimed at reducing plastic waste ahead of the Group of 20 summit in Osaka in 28 – 29 June, where the issue is expected to be a major agenda item. The new policy aims to recycle 100% of newly produced plastics by 2035 and promote the use of bioplastics from plant-based sources. The country also wants to promote biodegradable materials. Under the new plan, Japan will also urge companies to tackle the use of microbeads in products such as toothpaste and facewash to prevent plastic waste from flowing into the sea.