At the environment summit in Bologna at the beginning of June, Novamont has announced it has taken a unilateral decision to introduce a 40% minimum threshold for bio-based content in all of its MATER-BI bioplastics, helping reduce CO2 emissions by an annual equivalent of 75,000 city cars from the streets of our cities.

More environmentally sustainable products with a renewable raw material content of up to 100% for specific applications will be made available and will be certified through the Kyoto Club e-label! environmental multi-label.

The company is bringing forward the targets of Italy and France for bio-based content for certain applications (e.g. fruit and vegetable bags), for which a minimum threshold of 40% will be established from 2018.

This milestone was achieved thanks to over 700 million Euros invested by the company in unprecedented proprietary technology, the regeneration of decommissioned industrial sites and the creation of new jobs in the past twenty years. MATER-BI bioplastics now incorporate monomers from renewable sources produced in Novamont biorefineries.

biowaste bag

biowaste bag made from MATER-BI, Novamont