BASF Stage

The BASF stage will showcase the latest developments and product information of the bioplastics industry. The presentations can be viewed on-demand during the day. You can submit questions at any time by typing them in into the Q&A window. Each presentation is about 15 minutes long.

There will be a dedicated Q&A session at the end of each day with the speakers present.

Download the programme here!

9:00 – 17:00, CET | On demand

The need to be clear: Transparent starch films

Gottfried Krapfenbauer, Sales Director | AGRANA

Driving the commercial reality of biopolyester through Avantium‘s Ray Technology

Baudine Gevers Deynoot, Business Development Manager, Renewable Chemistries | Avantium

CaCO3 and biodegradable plastics

Arnaud Claude, CEO | CABAMIX

EVANESTO® Innovative enzymated masterbatch making PLA fully compostable in all composting conditions

Clémentine Arnault, R&D Manager | Carbiolice

Innovative reusable bowls to battle single use waste

Jan Patzer, Founder and Partner | Crafting Future

Standards and measurements for accreditation of bioplastic material and products in Europe

Andrej Holobar, CEO | Echo

17:15, CET | Live


Hosted by: Constance Ißbrücker, Head of Environmental Affairs | European Bioplastics

9:00 – 17:00, CET | On demand

From masks to tea bags: Advances in ingeo for fibres & nonwovens drive new businesses in filtration applications

Eamonn Tighe, EU Business Development Manager | NatureWorks

2020: Delivering a new frontier for sustainable plastics

Nicola Noponen, Technical Advisor | RSB

Enabling LCAs for the non-LCA professional

Fabian Loske, Consultant | Sphera

Microplastics & circular economy policy developments from a startup‘s perspective

Maija Pohjakallio, Sustainability Director | Sulapac

Luminy® PLA in the circular economy: comparing and understanding the right end-of-life options

Floris Buijzen, Senior Product Market Manager| Total Corbion PLA

BioPBS-based, biodegradable nets for horti- and agriculture

Wouter Post, Project Manager | Wageningen University & Research

17:15, CET | Live


Hosted by: Constance Ißbrücker, Head of Environmental Affairs | European Bioplastics

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