Claims on biodegradability and compostability on products and packaging

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Open the document Claims about biodegradability and compostability are widely used to label products and packaging regarding their end-of-life. Biodegradation can take place in different systems (industrial or home composting) and environments (soil, water). In general, the sole claim “biodegradable” on products and packaging, without indicating specific standards or environments in which the [...]

Environmental Communication Guide

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Open the document The heated debate about our future in the face of increasingly serious environmental challenges has left its mark. Consumers have been sensitised and are willing to do their bit.  The willingness to contribute to environmental protection goes hand in hand with an increasing demand for truthful, accurate and easily verifiable [...]

FAQs on enzyme-mediated degradable plastics

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Open the document Enzyme-mediated plastics are not bioplastics. They are conventional, fossil-based plastics with additives. They are neither biodegradable nor compostable. EuBP recommends using only materials certified according to EN and ISO standards. Find the answers to frequently asked questions on enzyme-mediated plastics.

Bioplastics facts & figures

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Open the document Plastics are an integral part of our modern life. They play an essential role in providing, protecting, and delivering high-quality products in pretty much every market segment to consumers around the world. Today, there is a bioplastic alternative for almost every conventional plastic material and corresponding application. Bioplastics – plastics [...]

Bioplastics packaging – combining performance with sustainability

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Open the document The overarching problem of climate change and the future shortage of fossil resources has accelerated the search for better concepts for plastics packaging. Approaches to reuse and recycle plastics in closed loops need to be developed, while making an efficient use of resources at all times. With the corresponding demands [...]

Biodegradable and compostable bioplastic bags in anaerobic digestion

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Open the document Biodegradable and compostable products that are certified according to the harmonized European standard EN 13432 (or EN 14995) are suitable for organic recycling and will completely biodegrade in an industrial composting plant, with no adverse effects on the process or on the final product (compost). These materials are working well [...]

Biobased plastics in the automotive market – clear benefits and strong performance

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Open the document Cutting fuel consumption and emissions by reducing a vehicle’s weight is a central objective and major challenge for the automotive industry. Bioplastics materials are well suited to contributing towards this goal. Leading automotive brands around the world are already using biobased plastics (e.g. biobased polyamides, biobased polyesters, etc.) with the [...]

Bioplastics – Industry standards & labels

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Open the document Bioplastics are not one single material but a large family of plastic materials, most of them very new innovative materials, with different properties and functionalities. Such grade of variety and complexity is not always easy to explain. In terms of the circular economy, the standards mentioned in this paper offer [...]