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What policies would be needed to pave the way for a full-scale market introduction of bioplastics in Europe?

2023-03-15T14:00:04+01:002 March 2016|

The European bioplastics industry has a strong record for developing innovative technological solutions and aligning industrial objectives with environmental sustainability. In order for Europe to reinforce its position as a front-runner of resource efficiency and green growth, forward-looking sectors with strong environmental credentials and growth potential, such as bioplastics, need to be promoted.  [...]

What regulatory framework is there for bioplastics on EU-level and what initiatives are underway?

2023-03-15T14:00:55+01:002 March 2016|

Currently there is no EU law in place applying specifically to biobased, biodegradable and compostable plastics. Yet, the European Union has made increasing efforts to introduce or adapt policies, regulatory frameworks, and standards to strengthen and implement the bioeconomy and circular economy in Europe in recent years, all of which affect the bioplastics [...]