Polymateria misuses RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols 

RecyClass, a cross-industry initiative that offers recyclability certifications and recycled content traceability certification for plastic packaging, informed about a misuse of its RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols by the British start-up PolymateriaAfter RecyClass had refused a request by Polymateria, the company commissioned Impact Solutions to carry out a recyclability test for their polyethylene film with biodegradable additive technology called PLM-G. Later, the laboratory published a report that verified the recyclability of the polyethylene film according to the RecyClass “Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PE Films”. Degradable plastics are explicitly excluded from the scope of the RecyClass protocols, and Impact Solutions is also not an officially accredited RecyClass laboratory. 

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Pilot Plant to produce multipurpose bioplastic from soy residue 

A bioplastic plant is planned to be built in Uusikaupunki, Finland. It will be the world’s first pilot plant producing compostable bioplastic from food and feed production side streams on an industrial scale. Four collaborating Finnish companies—Finnfoam Oy, Brightplus Oy, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and Nordic Soya —  have jointly explored the potential of soy molasses, i.e. soy processing side stream, as a raw material of the future. Partly funded by Business Finland, the research project took four years. 

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Mars Wrigley to develop home compostable food packaging 

Mars Wrigley has partnered with Danimer Scientific, a developer and manufacturer of biodegradable materials, to develop home compostable food packaging. The first brand Mars Wrigley will introduce as part of this two-year partnership will be SKITTLES in the US. Danimer Scientific’s signature packaging – Nodax polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) – is produced through natural fermentation processes using plant oils such as soy and can