Improving waste management of biobased plastics and the upcycling in packaging, textile and agriculture sectors

Expected results:

MoeBIOS is an application of the circular (bio)economy concept: the development of three value chains incorporating separate recycling streams for bioplastics (BP’s) to improve waste management efficiency throughout Europe. MoeBIOS will create linkages addressed at the different key stages of the whole chains to solve a hierarchical challenge, from the collection of the bioplastic waste (simulated streams), up to the upcycling and validation of the final recycled end-products (holistic and coordinated solution).

The new value chain will imply sorting, conditioning and valorising three types of waste streams from the packaging, agriculture and textile industries into three end-products, targeting to reach at least the same quality and functionality than the original grades, while the end users’ acceptance will be assessed as well.

As cornerstone targets for maximizing project’s impact, the upscaling of the recycling processes:

  • Will be integrated in pilot plants on the premises of actual industrial recycling lines currently operating in waste management companies, not disrupting them, and reaching a final TRL = 6/7 or even beyond.
  • Will focus on bioplastics for which recycling processes are still not in place, excluding bio-based analogues (“drop-ins”): PLA and PLA blends, PHA and its blends, PBS and PEF, accordingly with the market. The use of PBAT will be also assessed.

A Multi-Actor Approach (MAA) and a transdisciplinary methodology will engage waste producers, waste managers, bio-based and (bio)plastics industry, public authorities, standardization agencies, citizens and media multipliers, creating a co-creation and co- ownership innovation environment of + 50 participants.

Active: From 1 June 2024 for 48 months.

Website: coming soon!

Funded by: MoeBIOS is funded by the Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101157652