Review of the EBC 23

That’s a wrap

380 attendees gathered in Berlin and online to attend the 18th edition of the European Bioplastics Conference, EBC23.

In their opening remarks, Lars Börger and Mariagiovanna Vetere, Acting Co-Chairs of EUBP, mentioned the importance of sustainability engagements. “We are living in crazy times, the European Commission has wrapped up most of its legislations by now, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation is still under ongoing strong negotiations. Beyond Europe, negotiations of the UN on the Plastics Treaty have been intense as well and show that, unfortunately, every day we are further away from our targets. At the same time, companies are dedicated to including sustainability in their DNA and setting ambitious targets. From a niche market, bioplastics are now becoming mainstream, and it is good news for sustainability” said Lars Börger.

“During the two days of the conference, you will encounter innovation, because our materials are fit for the future. Our world, our products, are preparing for the next challenges. We are a niche, growing sector, but it manages to keep its strong nature. It is rooted in sustainability, in the strong beliefs in what we do” added Mariagiovanna Vetere.

The sessions highlighted the importance of regulation, playing a more important role in our lives every day. They also put forward innovation and the partnerships along the value chain, necessary to build a strong ecosystem dedicated to circularity.

In the policy panel, industry and policymakers reinforced the role of the bioeconomy in achieving the European Green Deals’ objectives and the need for a political framework to foster innovation beyond financing R&D.