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What are the advantages of bioplastic products?

2017-06-15T14:19:40+02:002 March 2016|

Bio-based plastics can help to reduce the dependency on limited fossil resources, which are expected to become significantly more expensive in the coming decades. Bio-based plastics are made from renewable sources instead of oil and that way gradually substitute fossil resources used to produce plastics with renewable resources (currently predominantly annual crops, such [...]

How does EUBP define bioplastics?

2017-06-22T15:48:17+02:001 March 2016|

According to European Bioplastics, bioplastics are bio-based, biodegradable, or both. The term “bio-based” describes the part of a material or product that is derived from biomass. When making a bio-based claim, the unit (bio-based carbon content or bio-based mass content) expressed as a percentage and the method of measurement should be clearly stated. [...]

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