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Is Bisphenol A used in bioplastics?

2017-06-19T14:17:10+02:002 March 2016|

European Bioplastics and its members are committed to avoiding the use of harmful substances in their products. Many plastic products do not use any plasticisers but a range of acceptable plasticisers is available if necessary. The wide range of bioplastics is based on thousands of different formulas. This means specific information regarding a certain [...]

Does the use of GMO feedstock for the production of bioplastics, e.g. for packaging applications, have an impact on human health?

2023-03-15T14:09:16+01:002 March 2016|

If GM crops are used for the production of biobased plastics, the multiple-stage processing and high heat used to create the polymer remove all traces of genetic material. This means that the final bioplastic product contains no traces of GMO. Should the bioplastic be used for e.g. food packaging, this packaging will be [...]

Are bioplastics edible?

2017-06-26T15:22:46+02:002 March 2016|

Bioplastics are used in packaging, catering products, automotive parts, electronics, consumer goods, textiles, and many other applications where conventional plastics are used, too. Neither conventional plastic nor bioplastic should be ingested. Bioplastics used in food and beverage packaging are approved for food contact, but are not suitable for human consumption. [...]