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New products and innovations (May 2016)

Partnership between BASF and Avantium to produce FDCA and PEF Earlier this year, BASF and Avantium announced their plans of a joint venture for the production of furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) and polyethylenefuranotate (PEF) from renewable resources. FDCA is the essential chemical building block for the production of PEF, which is particularly suitable for certain food and beverage packaging, for example films and plastic bottles, and hence can be an excellent alternative to PET. Compared to conventional plastics, PEF features improved barrier properties for gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen, which leads to longer shelf life of packaged goods. What is [...]

3 May 2016|

In Brief – May 2016

InnoviaFilms sells Celophane business to Futamaura: Earlier in April 2016, InnoviaFilms announced it had signed an agreement with Japanese plastics manufacturer Futamura Chemicals Co Ltd to sell its Celophane business and assets, including its NatureFlex bioplastics film production. Innovia Group, which manufactures high-tech film products for industrial applications and banknotes says it will further strengthen its focus on its fast-growing polymer bank note business. The deal is expected to complete before the end of June 2016. DIN CERTCO offers certification scheme according to new French home composting standard: The French government recently introduced a ban on single-use plastic bags. From [...]

3 May 2016|

Redesign of our website

Dear subscribers of the Bioplastics Bulletin, You might have noticed the new design of our website, including our bimonthly newsletter, the Bioplastics Bulletin, which now comes in the form of a blog. The new website can be reached at the URL Due to a third party attack a few weeks ago, our website was unavailable for some time. Old links to documents or pages of the old website will unfortunately not work any longer. Yet, we used the chance to give our website a new look and brush up the content. The redesign is not finalised yet and [...]

15 March 2016|

Bio-based plastics play an essential role in the future circular plastics economy

The recent report by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation on ‘The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics’ provides an overarching vision of a global circular plastics economy in which bioplastics play an essential role in decoupling the economy from fossil resources and help to return nutrients to the soil. European Bioplastics welcomes the report and its vision, which aligns with the principles of the circular economy and outlines concrete steps on how plastics never become waste but, instead, re-enter the economy as valuable technical or biological nutrients. “The report demonstrates very clearly how bioplastics [...]

15 March 2016|

Save the date for the 11th European Bioplastics Conference on 29/30 November 2016 in Berlin

Following on from the successful events of the past years that reflected the growing confidence in plastics solutions that are bio-based, biodegradable, or both as a viable alternative to conventional plastics, the 11th European Bioplastics Conference has now been confirmed to take place on 29/30 November 2016 at the Steigenberger Hotel Berlin, Germany. The European Bioplastics Conference has evolved into the leading business and discussion forum for the bioplastics sector in Europe and worldwide. As the major industry association in this field, the hosts at European Bioplastics are committed to representing the interests of stakeholders along the entire value [...]

15 March 2016|

French decree supports bio-based and home-compostable bags

The new wording of the French implementation decree on single-use plastic bags, which was published by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy on 1 February 2016, sets out clear requirements for the reduction of single-use plastic bags in favour of bio-based, biodegradable and home-compostable bags, in line with the EU Directive. Single-use plastic bags will be forbidden at cash registers in France as of 1 July 2016. From 1 January 2017 on, single-use plastic bags for other uses than at the cash register, including fruit and vegetable bags, that are below a thickness of 50 microns, [...]

15 March 2016|

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