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What are certified soil-biodegradable mulch films?

2023-11-30T15:55:27+01:0030 November 2023|

Certified soil-biodegradable mulch films are a specific type of mulch film used in agriculture to positively impact factors like temperature, moisture and weed growth to increase the crop yield and quality. They are made from certified soil-biodegradable materials in compliance with the biodegradability and ecotoxicity requirements as well as the technical specifications outlined [...]

What are the advantages of certified soil-biodegradable mulch films?

2023-12-08T14:23:15+01:0030 November 2023|

Mulch films made from cerified soil-biodegradable plastics provide significant benefits where retrieval and recycling of conventional plastics pose serious problems. They are specifically designed to biodegrade effectively in situ and can therefore be incorporated into the soil postharvest. Due to their soil-biodegradability, certified soil-biodegradable mulch films help to stop leakage and the accumulation [...]

Do certified soil-biodegradable mulch films fully biodegrade in soil?

2023-12-08T14:22:07+01:0030 November 2023|

Certified soil-biodegradable mulch films do fully biodegrade in soil. This can be proven by testing and referring to the standard EN 170339 (9) (or ISO 23517) (10), which specifies the requirements and test methods for biodegradable mulch films used in agriculture and horticulture. Products complying with that standard can get certification by DIN [...]

Do certified soil-biodegradable plastics create persistent microplastics?

2023-12-08T14:20:28+01:0030 November 2023|

Biodegradable mulch films that are certified for soil-biodegradability (e.g. in line with EN 17033 or ISO 23517) are fully biodegradable, i.e. they are converted into CO2, H2O, and biomass. (17, 18) This is guaranteed through the mandatory laboratory biodegradation tests required by the certification (90% mineralization absolute or relative to a positive control [...]

Do certified soil-biodegradable mulch films or other agricultural products have negative impacts on the soil?

2023-12-08T14:20:15+01:0030 November 2023|

Certified soil-biodegradable mulch films pass comprehensive ecotoxicity testing and strict thresholds concerning other harmful substances. The required testing includes plant growth test, acute or chronic earthworm test, and nitrification inhibition testing. These tests are performed on partially or completely biodegraded materials, therefore covering also the impact of degradation