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Biowaste collection and biodegradable plastics discussed at the Bio-waste Conference in Kassel, Germany

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From 2023 onwards, separate collection of bio-waste will be mandatory across Europe in order to increase the overall amounts of separately collected waste and to help meet the ambitious recycling targets set out in the new EU waste rules. Yet, the separate waste collection systems (including for bio-waste) still vary widely among the 28 [...]


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Composting Compostability is a clear benefit when plastic items are mixed with biowaste. Under these conditions, mechanical recycling is not feasible, neither for plastics nor biowaste. The use of compostable plastics makes the mixed waste suitable for organic recycling (composting), enabling the shift from recovery to recycling (a treatment [...]


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Certifications for bioplastics Product claims pertaining to compostability or the content of renewable resources are generally difficult for consumers to verify. Certification links harmonised standards and independent third party labels such as the compostability label ‘Seedling’ logo. Example compostability (EN 13432): Certification ensures that the product can be [...]